Avionics Certification Academy

Course Number TR-104

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High Quality, Low Cost, and Convenient Training on DO-254, DO-178C and More!

This online academy is for all engineers, project managers, quality assurance professionals, management and others seeking to better understand DO-254, DO-178C and other related compliance requirements. This academy features a growing list of classes to cover many aspects of avionics compliance, with an emphasis on practical application and success tips.

Classes available now or coming soon include:

  • DO-254 Basics
  • DO-254 Special Topics
  • DO-254 Bundle
  • Introduction to DO-178B/C
  • What’s New in DO-178C
  • DO-178C Bundle
  • Certification & ARP 4754A Overview

Convenience  — Learn DO-254, DO-178C and more, anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule

High QualitySame great industry leading materials as on-site and public trainings

Cost Effective – Pay a fraction of the cost of other training classes

Set Your Pace –Work through the materials as quickly or as slowly as you need, and go over them as often as you like

“Tammy’s DO-254 DER experience and Michelle’s hardware development tools and technical sales background is evident in the training material, where the combination of their talents have resulted in an in-depth, yet approachable tutorial on all major aspects of DO-254. They have created an useful source of DO-254 education, balanced with real-world examples for various lifecycle topics that help the novice get quickly up to speed with FAA expectations for DO-254 compliance, as well as giving those familiar with DO-254, insight, advice and examples that can help streamline their processes and avoid common missteps. The presentations are well organized, and are an excellent source of reference material for anyone involved with managing or creating DO-254 compliant avionics.”
– Jason Brouwer, Consultant/Certification Project Lead/Systems and Equipment DER

“I enjoyed the training. It provided a great overview of the DO-254 topics.”
Timo Wolski, DO-254 Bundle student

“Even though I already do engineering work for DO-254 programs, this training helped fill in some gaps that I hadn’t received in other training. And it was a very convenient format for me to learn on my own time.”
– Joe Martine, FPGA Verification Engineer and Student of “DO-254 Basics” and “DO-254 Special Topics

“The training was very good. Your materials are very organized.”
– Joe Etminan, Electronic Professor at Rock Valley College, Senior System Engineer – Aircraft Electrical System at Belcan Company

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