DO-178C and DO-254 Compliance: Training, Guidance, Auditing

DO-178C and DO-254 compliance are being required around the globe for an increasing number of airborne systems in both civil and military domains. From commercial transport aircraft, to business jets, to more recently UAVs, satellite systems, and purely military programs, DO-178C/254 are growing in adoption, significance and scope.

Thoroughly understanding these standards and developing best practice processes is essential to any company wanting to thrive in the aerospace market. This is where Patmos Engineering Services, Inc. can help.

Patmos offers

  • DO-254 and DO-178C Compliance Auditing for FAA, EASA and FAA-EASA Coordination
  • DO-254 (TR-101), DO-178C (TR-102) and ARP 4754A (TR-103) Training
  • Process evaluation (“gap analysis”) and advising
  • Support for Commercial, Military, and UAS compliance
  • Support for TSO and STC application
  • Patmos has 20+ years experience on a multitude of programs and has maintained the highest industry credentials including FAA authority for CFR Parts 23, 25, 27, 29 & 33 and EASA validation authority for Chart C1 & C2.

Course Objectives

  • Ramp up quickly with a clear understanding of DO-178C/254
  • Develop best practices by learning compliance strategies that work
  • Save money by avoiding costly compliance pitfalls
  • Jumpstart your efforts with examples and templates
  • Trust your knowledge by engaging with highly qualified instructors and advisors

Course Feedback

“Tammy’s desire to stay current is impressive. She actively seeks out collaboration and projects to increase her understanding of both guidance material and advancing technologies.”
Karen Brack, Airborne Electronic Hardware Engineer,
The Boeing Company

“We have worked with Tammy on multiple programs requiring DO-254 compliance. Tammy always provided prompt feedback and guidance on documentation that she reviewed. Her comments were always practical and helped improve the quality of the program.”
Gregg Stavig, Manger, Hardware Design and Verification
Crane Aerospace

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