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Tammy Reeve & Jeff Reeve | Patmos Engineering, Inc.

Tammy Reeve & Jeff Reeve | Patmos Engineering, Inc.

If you’re seeking assistance with digital design and/or airborne electronics, think Patmos. Our highly qualified staff takes pride in helping our clients achieve first pass and ongoing success in their electronic design programs, always with honesty and integrity.

Patmos Engineering Services is an independent engineering consulting company founded and incorporated by Jeff Reeve and Tammy Reeve in January 2000.

Patmos has been certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) as a Women’s Business Enterprise in Engineering Consulting Services, NAICS Code 541330.

Patmos offers a unique skillset for digital design (FPGA, ASIC, board level) as well as FAA DER review and approval authority for programmable devices and software. Specifically, Patmos offers:

  • DO-254 and DO-178C Compliance Auditing for FAA, EASA and FAA-EASA Coordination
  • DO-254 (TR-101), DO-178C (TR-102) and ARP 4754A (TR-103) Training
  • Process evaluation (“gap analysis”) and advising
  • Support for Commercial and Military compliance
  • Support for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, i.e., drones)
  • Support for certifiable IP
  • Support for TSO and STC application

In the aerospace domain, the Patmos team supports both commercial and military avionics design and certification programs and is DDTC registered with the United States Department of State Bureau of Military affairs.

Outside of the aerospace domain, Patmos has developed a diversity of designs for fields including medical, commercial, and consumer products.

The Patmos team has a combined experience in digital hardware design and certification of over 40 years.  The goal of Patmos is to provide integrity and honesty in engineering practices and activities.

Patmos DUNS ID #155113033

Tammy Reeve

Tammy Reeves DER Certificate | Patmos Engineering

Tammy Reeve’s DER Certificate

Tammy Reeve has been an FAA designated engineering representative (DER) since 2000, supporting programs under the FAA, EASA, CAAC, and Transport Canada. During this time, she has worked on the 737, 747, 787, Boeing Chinook, Sikorsky S-92/S-70, Williams Engines, Lycoming Engines, Airbus A320 and A350 aircraft and engine platforms.  Her accomplishments include:

  • Approval of Software data items to RTCA DO-178B/C/ED-12B/C (FAA 8110-3 form approvals)
  • Approval of Hardware data items to RTCA DO-254 and supporting policy (FAA 8110-3 form approvals)
  • EASA Type Validation authority for Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware
  • Canadian Finding Authority for Military project work for DO-254 and DO-178B/C
  • Selection as a Boeing authorized representative (AR)
  • Training on current FAA guidance in DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C (delta), and ARP 4754A
  • Gap Analysis: Evaluating processes and developing plans/approaches for approval by certifying bodies
  • Software and hardware tool qualification development and/or evaluation
  • TSO/TC/STC/PMA process review and liaison between applicants and approval authorities
  • Assisting with FAA “Partnership for Safety Plans” to streamline certification activities and data transmittals
  • Assisting with DO-160 Qualification Test Plan/Procedures/Results
  • Chair of the US DO-254 Users Group, coordinating with the EU DO-254 User Group, and driving industry input into the hands of policy makers
  • Co-secretary for the “Model-Based Development” sub-group for the RTCA SC-205 (DO-178C) working committee
  • SAE Aerotech Chair for AEH and the SAE trainer for DO-254.

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Jeff Reeve

Jeff Reeve hold four patents in digital design and is considered an expert in his field.  While Jeff is a Xilinx certified expert, he has worked on Altera, Actel (Microsemi), Lattice, ASIC and board designs. His experience includes:


  • Architecture
  • VHDL/Verilog RTL coding
  • Testbench Generation and simulation
  • Synthesis/Place & Route/Timing analysis
  • 1M+ Gates, 300 MHz+


  • Analog Devices Sharc DSP 21161
  • Coldfire
  • ATMega128
  • MicroChip PIC
  • Mips Family

Board Design

  • Architecture
  • Design and Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout/Fabrication/Assembly
  • Test and Debug
  • High Speed (2.5GHz+)
  • Signal Integrity
  • High Speed Memory Interfaces
  • Power Supply design

System Interfaces

  • PCI, USB, IEEE-1394 (FireWire)
  • EIDE
  • High Speed Custom Serial Interfaces

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Dick Pado, Senior Staff Engineer

Patmos has a network of additional resources on staff or available for special projects. Dick Pado is one of Patmos’ Senior Staff Engineers. Dick has a 40-year career in electronics that spans a variety of hardware design and verification projects. From flight electronics to communications, ASICS to gaming controllers, Dick’s experience and approach to structured design and verification is well suited to both ASIC design projects as well as electronics design for certification related programs. Read more